Gerry Adams is Still Trying to Steal Irish History

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Alex Massie a freelance journalist and former Washington correspondent for The Scotsman.

I know this is not exactly breaking news but Gerry Adams is a vile man. Since no-one devotes much attention to Northern Ireland these days it is easy to forget this. Easy to file Adams and his Sinn Fein comrades into a musty drawer marked Ancient History. But the past is not another country.

In Dublin this week the Smithwick Tribunal’s report into alleged Garda collusion with the IRA in the murders of RUC officers Harry Breen and Robert Buchanan in 1989 was finally published....

But it is the reaction of Gerry Adams and Sinn Fein that, a quarter of a century after the murders, remains noteworthy. They haven’t gone away you know. According to Adams, the two RUC officers were asking for trouble. They invited their own execution. Speaking to a Dublin radio station Adams said:

“The former IRA volunteers said that one of the officers was spotted coming from the station, that they then used a house overlooking the station, to monitor comings and goings… So when you have that type of laissez faire disregard for their own security by both An Garda Siochana in relation to these two RUC officers and more importantly by the RUC officers themselves. Here they were in the heart of south Armagh, in the middle of a very, very severe conflict at that time and seemed to think that they were immune to attack by the IRA and tragically as it turned out for them, that wasn’t the case.”...

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